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Overheating Analysis | TM49 TM59 Reports

April 15, 2018

Overheating Analysis
What is overheating?

Overheating analysis ensures that your finished building will never get too hot and will be comfortable in the summer months.

How is overheating risk assessed?

I use 3D modelling software, and this takes into account a range of issues which could lead to overheating. I can then model the impact of solar glazing, different types of shading devices, window openings and other mitigating factors.

Why are a TM49 and TM59 reports required?

Building Regulations quite rightly focus on good levels of insulation and air tightness, but this can lead to overheating. At design stage, you’ll want to be sure that your finished building will be comfortable all year around, without the need for costly and energy-guzzling cooling systems, especially if there are large expanses of glazing. Do bear in mind, too, that warm temperatures and extreme weather events are felt more intensely in urban areas (this is known as the ‘urban heat island effect’).

What else you might want to know…

Building Regulations don’t currently consider overheating, but it’s common sense to consider these issues at the very start of your project. I’d be very happy to talk these through with you.

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